If you want to succeed, you have to forge new paths and avoid borrowed ones  � John Rockefeller


Innovation and Evaluation of Quality

Innovation and Quality does not go together - quality appears to require conformance to a standard whereas innovation suggests a deviation. Quality aims for high and sustainable performance within the current research themes , while innovation aims for a breakthrough.

There is a popular saying - 'It takes 80 to 100 raw ideas to come across one or two that are promising enough to pursue'.  It is important  to identify the one or two - but to do so without demoralizing those ideas which are not considered further. When individual node members believe their ideas will receive a fair attention, this can further generate global innovative ideas. Most of the node members are unbiased, entrepreneurial (in touch with the industry), and adept at building ideas themselves.

At MIR Labs, we formulate simple and memorable selection criteria for picking innovative ideas .


- Is the idea realistic, in demand and fit our innovation strategy?

- Does it create new value worth pursuing?

We transform simple ideas into commercial value through strategic innovation!



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